Maiden in the Mist

Legend says,

‘If a young man were to see the Maiden in the Mist, he would be carried away by a beautiful lady and married before his second upcoming birthday.’

On a dare, the four of us decided to prove the legend a fallacy. We stayed overnight in a BNB not far from the Sweet Creek falls. Poker and beer, or was it beer and poker, that occupied our time?

Regardless, the next morning we were even more driven to prove our point.

We climbed in the jeep and headed out to the trail. Soon we were standing like pawns, side by side, staring at the Sweet Creek falls. Jeremy was the first to draw our attention to the right-side falls and said he saw the nude maiden offering her outstretched hand.

That’s when we all screamed in chorus that we saw her too. Others standing close by were getting upset by our antics, and took their final pictures and left.


The week after, we shared our similar dreams. In all of them, the common occurrence is that the maiden comes to life and floats over to us. She wants us to kiss her hand, and when we do, her face changes into someone each of us met recently.


We now get together only sparingly to play poker. Most weekends we are happily spending time with our beautiful wives. So much for proving the legend a fallacy.

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I love, and love teaching, We Are the Hallwalkers by Chelsea Laine Wells

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(The poem is missing "We lurk late.")

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